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Networking Now India allows for a curated, refined platform to connect people from various professions to ease another’s business requirements and the search for any goods or services that may interest our members.


An all-encompassing platform, Networking Now India currently functions through its online Facebook community making it a user-friendly place to hold conversations either on the discussion forum or on a private chat while being convenient for all its members from across the world.


Networking Now India strongly believes in peer upliftment and encouragement of its fellow members within the community. We strive to help one another through referrals and recommendations, making it a friendly and confidenceboosting group of inspired individuals.


You guys have build such an amazing network. Thank you for taking the time and effort to build this.
I do a lot of work in the social sector field and your group has connected me so well with people i need immediately. From last minute printers to last minute designers. I get it so quickly. Many guys thought i had a magic sack of contacts. I just kept pulling out people for them.
The best experiences i had was when i wanted to organise a special birthday party for my dad. And when i posted i had 65 responses. I went through each one till i got the right one. My dad eventually had the best party ever.

I normally don’t write recommendations, but you guys deserve it. Keep up the good work. Please organise some meetups and events for networking..

Viswajit Dilip

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