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Meet the founder of Networking Now India and Networking Coach, Shaan Khanna.

Having been in the events industry for over a decade and being an entrepreneur since the age of 15, I have an unmatched perspective on the industry as a whole and strive to create a safe and supportive community for budding businesses through Networking Now India. It is the kind of community and support I wish I had when I started my first business.

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Finding inspiration in every turn.

Today, NNI has seamlessly connected entrepreneurs from different industries across the country and facilitated a successful platform for people to project and market themselves organically.

Shaan's Vision is to create a Business Bible for entrepreneurs - whether they are looking for connections, vendors, contractors or even provide personal development, skillset development, career advice and coaching.

Shaan believes in building a longer table, not a taller one. There is always collaboration over competition, and there is enough room for everyone to succeed together.

Tune in to The Shaan Show 🙋🏻‍♀️

The Shaan Show is an initiative by founder Shaan Khanna to bring you the knowledge, expertise and experience of industry veterans that will help you in your business.


Shaan interviews business owners, thought-leaders, change-makers and industry mavens.

Shaan has worked with some of the finest brands 👇🏼

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How can Shaan impact your business?

1 on 1 Business Consultancy

Impacting having built impactful brands and multiple businesses over the decade, Shaan has all the tools to do the same for your business.

Brand Placement

Leverage Shaan's high ROI network and put your products in the hands of people that can help you tap into your desired target market and bolster brand growth.

Event Sponsorship

Give your brand the desired attention to a high curated audience at our exclusive events. We have multiple events throughout the year that you can see on the events page.

Brand Awareness Through IG

Promote your brand on Shaan's and NNI's Instagram profiles to reach thousands of high-quality followers that believe in growing together and scaling businesses.

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